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Paulien Stuut - A Chaotic and Sensitive Soul


Paulien Stuut was six years old when she started following some art lessons. Everyone around her was playing with dolls and stuff like that, but she always wanted to draw. She drew on everything she could find: "not everyone was happy with that". Art has always been in her life and always will.

"For me, art was a way to express my emotions. Later on I realized it was more than just that and started to grow as an artist."

And now, many years later, she had several exhibitions with her art in Europe and in The U.S.
"Such an achievement and I often forget how special it is, but I really do appreciate everything so much."
Paulien recently won her own showcase in a contest in a big museum in The Netherlands!

Paulien Stuut


What inspires you?

My inspiration really just comes from my chaotic mind. I'm such a chaotic and sensitive person, which really shows in my art.
The way I see the world and the way I'd like to see the world also influences my work strongly.
With my art I want to give people the opportunity to dream away from the daily grind of reality.
That's why I work from my favorite quote ''this world is but a canvas to our imagination'' from Henry David Thoreau.

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

In September I'm starting with my next education. It's in an art academy in The Netherlands. I'm going to study for art teacher, because I really love talking about art (history) and I hope to inspire people. Of course I will always stay an artist next to being a art teacher, because that's simply what I am.

Paulien Stuut

Paulien Stuut


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