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Yumee Chan - Sharing Love and Respect


Laury has always been passionate about art. She started to draw as soon as she was able to hold a pencil and when she was 6 years old she started taking painting classes. Laury learned a lot for 12 years with the same teacher. She learned many mediums, beginning with acrylic, then oil painting, pastels and watercolors. She was really interested into oil painting. It developed her passion for the forms, the colors, and soon she wanted this passion to become her work.

She studied Applied art and did a preparatory class to enter a fine art school. Right now, she is doing lots of contests to enter in one the schools.

Yumee Chan

What inspires you?

I've changed a lot of subject but what inspires me never really changed since my works have always been about what I love. I have the luck to travel a lot, and currently, landscapes are what inspire me the most even though I'm slowly changing and trying to find some news things to dp, what else I would like to do now. That's why I didn't post anything on socials media for a while even if i'm also busy with art school/ entries contests.
My recent drawings represent landscapes but I like to keep some mystery in my work, to let people wondering about the places I'm painting. Some of my paintings show things that means a lot to me even if it seem doesn't seem personal, like the moon.

How has your work made a difference?
My Instagram account grown really slowly. I have to say, on my first year on Instagram, I over used the filters and my pictures wasn't really valuing my works. Then I began to take the pictures in a really simple way on a white background without too many filters. When I posted my work " starry night", it was reposted about 50 times on some really famous art accounts and from this my account gained many followers even if I noticed some following me from the very beginning. I'm always trying to reply to all comments and all messages because I'm thankful to all of them for the support that they gave to me and for all of this kindness that I daily receive with those works.

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?
Right now with the contests as I said, I can't really update my account. What I'm working on is mainly orders ( you can order an original drawing just sending me a mail) and also developing personals works. I can't know what I will want to paint in some months and it's been 2 months I did not paint anything for myself or posted anything on the socials medias. Even after those 2 months I still receive kind messages. I will be back soon with starry skies and bright moons, and maybe I will post some short videos about the proceed on my account as I promised to my followers a while ago.

Yumee Chan


Yumee Chan

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