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Neeti Goswami - Making Eternal an Amazing Folk Art


Although Neeti Goswami has been drawing and making art since she was a child, she professionally started working as an illustrator and media artist in 2015.

Neeti is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. She focuses on art inspired by Mandana - the traditional folk art of India and each design that she creates is unique, more remarkable and impressive than the last one.

Neeti Goswami

What inspires you?

I remember visiting my grandmother who lived in Sawai Madhopur, a small town which exhibits one of the richest, most influential art that India is known for. I ran around those narrow streets as a kid, looked at full walls and muddy floors painted with beautiful art work, work so stunning and captivating that we would pause all our play and admire the animals, the shapes and the rich decorative designs for hours. You could see this folk art on every wall, floors, every door or window, and each design was unique and more remarkable and impressive than the last one. I am inspired by all of that, as well as our daily life and I try to incorporate things we come across everyday into this art to create new patterns and illustrations.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

It is heartbreaking to see the art of *mandana *slowly disappear, to see the art that was so well integrated in our lives become rare, and die. It is conserved and present in my memories and I want to share this art, these creations with the world. I have spent days and months just filling out sheets of paper with this extraordinary art as my pastime, and have been reminded of my childhood, and I’d like to remind others of theirs, and for those who are unaware of this fascinating work, I’d like to introduce them to this amazing world of illustration, happiness, and traditions and cultures, and preserve this amazing folk art so it isn’t forgotten and lost.

Neeti Goswami

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

My art is available for licensing at MGL Licensing UK. I am also working with Pyramid International UK, and my work has been launched with them for art therapy - colouring poster packs.

I have collaborated with greeting card companies like Artists to Watch, USA - , Blue Island Press, UK and there are more to be launched soon.

Other than that, my colouring books with Global Doodle Gems are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Creative Space Network.

I have also launched my own line of sterling silver pendants based on my illustrations at , which will be available on sale shortly.

My illustrations on T-shirts and various other products are also available at

You can take a look at my website for art - for more events and news!

We just finished with the Surtex Show in New York, and there are plenty of shows coming up in the near future, including Brand licensing Expo and others.


Neeti Goswami


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