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Lorien Stern - Building art in an Inspiring Place


Art has been Lorien Stern's hobby for as long as she can remember. She always doodled when she was growing up and got really into painting in high school.

While Lorien was studying at the California College of the Arts, she was introduced to ceramics and it became her new favorite medium. Shortly after graduating, Lorien moved to the Mojave Desert, where she set up art facilities, including a ceramics studio, screen printing studio, and heat-press studio. Recently, she has returned to drawing and painting as a means to transfer her artwork into different mediums like fabric, enamel pins, and watches!

Lorien Stern 

What inspires you?
New things every day, but consistently I would say: animals, aliens, cemeteries.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?
One of my favorite stories is an email I recently received from a man in Nashville. He wore a tee shirt I designed to a sandwich shop. When he went to pay his bill they said "cool shirt discount" and gave him his sandwich for free.

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?
I will have ceramics in a dog themed group show at Carlos Queso Gallery July 16th. I will also be in a Pop-Up doing custom heat presses on clothing at Ochi Projects in mid to late July. Both events are in Los Angeles.

Lorien Stern

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