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Wawawiwa - The Perfect Mix of Reality and Cuteness


When Andres Colmenares was a kid he used to draw a lot, but for a long period he stopped doing it. He got back to drawing and illustrating in 2008 as a hobby when he moved to Miami where didn't know anyone leaving him a bunch of free time. Wawawiwa was born in 2010 when Andres started wondering what would happen if he shared his work on the social media.

Andres always uses Adobe Illustrator to create his comics, and for a while he used to work with his  laptop's touchpad until he started getting some health issues. Google told him it could be Carpal tunnel, so he started saving some cash to buy his first drawing tablet. Andres got an Intuous 4 and everything got way better in every aspect. "So... if you're reading this, google, thank you!"




What inspires you?

Most of my ideas come from books, games, t.v., things that amuse and bother me, conversations that I have with people and even conversations I hear on the street. I guess the most important thing that I need to start working on an idea is that it must make me giggle, at least. When I get short on ideas I just take a break and write down new stuff till it all starts flowing again.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

It has helped me a lot growing personally and dealing with other people's defects and my own, If I get depressed or something bothers me I just try to draw about it. I don't really have many fan stories, but there was this time when I got invited to Mexico to do a couple workshops and a conference, when I was at the airport heading back home I lost my flight, I was going to spend all night by myself and couldn't have slept that much because I needed to take care of my luggage, then this guy walked towards me and asked me if I was wawawiwa, it really surprised me. I spent all night talking with him and his family, they were really nice and kept me company all night till I had my next flight.


Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

I started illustrating specifically for t-shirts, but after publishing my first book I've been focused more on web comics. I'm planning with a couple comedians from Venezuela and Colombia to start working on an animated show, so I hope it becomes a reality later this year, having my own show has been a dream for years. I know I've neglected my english speaking followers a bit, I hope I get some time as well to work on english projects to change this, and perhaps even make the new animated show available in both languages.





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