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Urban Native Era - Respect for our Lands, Water and Treaty Rights


Joey Montoya started Urban Native Era in December 2012 in response to a movement that started in Canada called Idle No More (INM). Idle No More is a movement that was started by four women who had enough of Prime Ministers infringements on land and water rights of First Nations people.

The movement was a calling or wake up call to people all over the world to respect lands, water, and treaty rights. Once the movement took place, rallies and protests took place all over the world in solidarity of what was happening in Canada. The movement went so far that it even reached Joey's hometown, San Francisco. He began taking photos and doing media to spread awareness of this movement. From then he created Urban Native Era to spread awareness of issues happening all over the world involving Indigenous Peoples.

                       Urban Native Era


What inspires you?

What Inspires me the most is to see youth grow and feel like they can make a difference in their community and in the world. Doing what I do, spreading the word and using the brand as an attraction tool to get other youth involved and learning about these issues we still face today.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

Today, Urban Native Era not only spreads awareness about Indigenous issues, but we also use apparel and artwork to make a difference and raise funds for certain issues going. One of the most recent issue that took place was more than a year ago in December of 2014 when 57 Lakota students from the ages 8 to 15 went to a hockey game in South Dakota. While they were at the game, a man from the audience sitting in the upper level began to yell comments such as “Go back to the Rez” and poured beer on the kids. When we first heard about the issue we designed a graphic titled “Protect the Sacred Lakota 57”. The graphic was not only used to spread awareness about the issue, but also used to design t-shirts and make 11” x 14” prints which were sold to raise funds for some of the group of parents who started collecting funds towards legal fees. Before I started the t-shirt production I got in contact with one of the parents and luckily enough we were able to work directly with them to fundraise for the kids to visit South Dakota University. This was an opportunity for students to feel empowered and reminding them that they can amount to great things. We were excited to help young Native women and men experience life on a college campus at such a young age.

               Urban Native Era

Are there any big events coming up the audience should know about?

One of our biggest events that we will be at will be San Francisco’s very own Outside Lands which will take place on August 5th, 6th and 7th! We are hoping to out reach to many other audience and sharing the message we stand for.

Urban Native Era

               Urban Native EraUrban Native Era


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