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Natalie Briney - A Leap of Faith


Like most kids, Natalie Briney loved creating when she was little, however, when she left school she put art in one side and concentrated on a career and family. But, when her daughter was born (16 years ago), she started mucking around card making, scrap booking and than she went back to her first love of painting.

Still only working part time, it wasn’t until last year (2015), that she decided to take the leap of faith in her self and turn this little ‘hobby’ into a full time career.

Natalie Briney


 What inspires you?

What Inspires me.... Nature, photographs, dreams, color combinations and how things ‘feel’ rather than how they look.

Who inspires me... Del Kathryn Barton, Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt.

 Natalie Briney

How has your work made a difference?

I often get told my work resonates with my buyers on a deeper level than just that my work looks pretty on a wall in their home. And it’s at this time when a buyer reaches out to me to explain exactly WHY my painting resonates with them (each person has their own story and often it is quite a different one from my own story) this is when I know.... I know that why I do what I do, makes a difference.


Are there any big events coming up?

I don’t have any solo exhibitions planned this year. I did a big one last year and it wiped me out for months afterwards. So instead I’ve decided to just be a part of several group exhibitions instead. The next big one is Cossack Art Awards in July/August 2016 - I personally love to attend exhibitions, because you get so inspired by so much great talent in one Room.

Natalie Briney



          Natalie BrineyNatalie Briney


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