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Cynthia Coulombe Begin - An Art Lover


Cynthia Coulombe Begin is an art lover. She started into the art world at a very young age. Her mother is an artist and taught Cynthia when she was 5-6-7 years old. Cynthia had her first expositions and life painting at the age of 15 and never stopped.

Cynthia Coulombe Begin


Galleries sold her art all over the world in each continent. She wanted to have her own gallery, so she did it in 2013. She owns the Galerie d’art Factory in Quebec city, and, since then, she represents 12 emerging local artists.

What's your 'journey to becoming an artist'?

Cynthia has been an artist, art director and a mom of two little princess since 2011. She considers herself an art workaholic: " It’s almost 23h00 on the mothers’ day and I’m still working on my websites and connecting with clients, etc.".


Cynthia Coulombe Begin


What inspires you?

 "Life and death inspire me. The TIME, the unpredictable and the beauty of imperfection. I like the idea of making history and leaving  print of our existence. Doing goods around me and love are what really matters to me."

Cynthia Coulombe Begin


             Cynthia Coulombe BeginCynthia Coulombe Begin


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