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Arts Heaven - Watercolor Watches that Wow


We can't think of someone who fits in better with the Modify family than Philippine born, Australia residing, artist 'Arts Heaven'. She's married to a watch collector. A watch collector! Need we say more ... The fact that she shares a study/play room with her two young children, squeezing her workspace into one tiny corner, both amazes and inspires us. Let's welcome her to the family with open arms!

We see a lot of digital art and logos here at Modify Watches. Painting is something I think most people wouldn't expect to see on a watch face, and yet your works translates so well. I hope it inspires other painters to explore our products. How long have you been painting? How did you get started with the art form?

I started painting in 2012 after doing a trial work on a 8x10" canvas. We wanted to hang a piece of artwork on our living room feature wall but nothing in the market suited our taste and budget. My husband suggested that I paint. And so I did the small piece and he liked it. I painted abstract on five collaborative pieces of canvas.

Since then, I paint almost everyday. I had never painted before! My first medium was acrylic, and I eventually tried oils. Later on, I tried charcoal, pencils, pastels, and watercolor. I love to recycle and repurpose things. I paint on almost everything!

enjoy being versatile as I have got a long way to go in the world of art.

Where do you find the inspiration for your artwork?

My inspiration for my artworks is my own feelings - driven by nature, my family and good friends. I never paint because someone asks me to. I paint according to my mood. I paint to feed my soul.

Are there any big events coming up that you're excited about?

I am preparing for my first solo art exhibition in June 2017, and I want to take
you all with me on this exciting journey.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

I was invited to participate in a local charitable art event in Brisbane. The project
gave a whole new meaning to my work as an artist. I felt useful. I was an Ambassador of Goodwill back in my country (the Philippines) and always participated in fund raising activities for the homeless children and abandoned elderly people. So, the charitable art event that I participated in proved to me that my heart will always be for the less privileged. It doesn't matter how many followers you have on social media. What matters is what you do with your art and how you inspire people and give back to your community.

When art and charity go together, you know you're doing it well. So I guess, my
job as an ambassador continues here in Australia.

I do not have a "fan" story. All I know is that there are people out there who appreciate my art, like those who purchased my modify watch designs.

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