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2LinesMeet - Our Featured Artist Discusses Doodling, Design, and Philosophy


Today's featured partner Azaria Canales (2LinesMeet) hails from Honduras, and turned her childhood habit of doodling into a career in Graphic Design. Doodling is more than just a scribble or even an artform to her, her explorations of patterns has become an exploration of life and it's interconnectivity. We  recently chatted with Azaria about her doodles, her life philosophy, and how it's all somehow connected.


Can you tell us a little about yourself, and how you got started in the art industry?

I'm Azaria Canales, a graphic designer by profession and pattern designer by passion. I became obsessed with doodles when I was a little girl. I was always in trouble at school since I was doodling instead of paying attention in class. My school notebooks were filled with doodles and it became a part of my daily routine. I began doodling as a hobby, and as I grew up it became doodling as therapy. When I draw, I escape my reality. It is my way of relaxing, of dreaming, and setting myself free from all the stress and responsibilities.

How did you go from doodling in notebooks to a professional Graphic Designer?

When I graduated high school, I really didn't know what I wanted to study, something related to art, but in Central America the art industry is basically nonexistent. After months of trials and errors (3 majors later) I decided on graphic design. I enrolled in an arts oriented college and was exposed to a whole new world. There, I learned different techniques to enhance my doodles, but I still didn't really know what I could do with them. It wasn't until my internship in Costa Rica where I learned the basics of patterns. I became fascinated by them. I've been making hundreds of them ever since.








Your brand name is '2LinesMeet', what is the significance of the name?

My personal brand, 2LinesMeet, is inspired by my life philosophy and patterns in itself. Life is a series of connections, encounters, alignments, coincidences, it all resumes in 2 elements meeting. My artwork is a reflection of that, a tessellation of different lines, a flow of my own imagination and incessant wandering around. In the end it all connects just perfectly, in the most random of ways. I'm inspired by everything around me, all the elements in nature, the different textures, the millions of colors and shapes all around, culture, art movements, moments in my life. To me it all has a personal meaning, to someone else it can mean something else. That's the magic of patterns, there are infinite ways to explore with them, and I'm thrilled to explore with them all.


What are you thankful for in life? 

I work daily to be able to create more, to stay inspired and grow as an artist. However, this would have never been possible without my parents' constant support, my mom has always believed in me, every step of the way. Also my closest friends, I am blessed to have best friends who are my biggest "fans" and always encourage me to keep going despite the difficulties. I highly appreciate every single like on social media, product purchase, and words of encouragement from people all around. Thank you for being a part of 2LinesMeet!


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