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Global Autism Project - Featured Non-Profit Partner


"Autism knows no borders; fortunately neither do we." If that isn't a kick-ass, straight-to-the-point, got-it-in-one, tag line, than I don't know what is. This is the mantra of the Global Autism Project, an organization which helps children around the world who have autism, be accepted by their communities. We wanted to learn more about this amazing partner, and they were kind enough to answer a few of our questions recently.

What is the mission or driving purpose of the Global Autism Project?

Our mission is to promote the acceptance and integration of individuals with autism worldwide, by training local communities in culturally relevant, sustainable practices.

How and why did the organization come to be?

In 2003, Molly Ola Pinney moved to Ghana to work as a therapist for a child with autism. While living in Ghana, she recognized a great lack of training for teachers working with individuals with autism, and soon knew this need was not simply in West Africa. Knowing that she would not stay in Ghana forever, she founded the Global Autism Project, an organization dedicated to providing training in culturally relevant, sustainable practices in communities all over the world.

 Are there any upcoming events you're excited about, or where people can get involved?

We just celebrated World Autism Awareness Day in early April, and are now looking forward to big plans for Giving Tuesday, which is just 28 weeks away!  

We also send teams of volunteer clinicians into the field nearly every single month! These amazing volunteers travel with our program called SkillCorps, and conduct our ongoing, in-country training with our partners. This summer, we'll be sending teams to the Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia and Kenya!

What role do donations play for the Global Autism Project? How can people contribute?

An investment in the work of the Global Autism Project is a gift of education for a child with autism. 85% of people with autism live in developing countries, where they have access to limited or no resources. Often times, these children are kept at home and never learn in a classroom setting or participate in their communities. By giving to the Global Autism Project, you train a teacher, you educate professionals and you promote the acceptance of autism - worldwide.

To make a one-time or reoccurring contribution please visit here.

We also launched COMPASS, an innovative program designed to keep the Global Autism Project on path and on the move! This monthly giving program allows investors to play an active role in our work. People can join COMPASS here.

Another way to show support for this great cause is by purchasing one of their watches! Wear it with pride!
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You can also find out more by visiting their website.


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