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Dan May - Art That Evokes Your Favorite Childhood Memories


Do you remember childhood days spent slaying dragons and dancing with fairies? Your imagination so vast and unrestrained that a simple walk through the park could become a battle, or an adventure, or a discovery of a new land - never before seen by human eyes. And who knows, perhaps these childhood flights of fancy should not be discredited as mere fantasy. All I know is that when I first saw the work of artist Dan May something in me began to believe again. Believe in magic and far off lands, and that perhaps all those childhood memories held a grain of truth I'd long since stopped believing. 

If you've ever read the Narnia series, or wished to sail a boat to visit an island of monsters like Max did in Where the Wild Things Are, then I think you're going to love Dan May's work. The artist, hailing from Rochester NY, but currently residing in North Michigan, was kind enough to chat with us recently, sharing his thoughts and inspirations.



Have you always known you would be an artist? How and why did art become your world?

I was definitely a kid who was always drawing or painting from an early age. My parents have photos of me painting around age three. Creating art was just something that I always gravitated towards. I had a passion for it and it was encouraged by my family, friends and teachers as I grew older. I eventually went to college for illustration. I have been creating art professionally since graduating in 2001.

What inspires you?

My immediate family and friends, nature and events in our world all play a role in shaping my work and keeping me inspired on a daily basis.

How has your work made a difference, do you have a fan story?

The personal stories that have been inspired by my work and shared by my collectors are truly humbling to me. The ease at which we can all share images and stories via the internet still to this day blows my mind. It is something that I could not have imagined as a young child growing up and it's very special to me. I'm so grateful to have such passionate and dedicated fans... without them this journey would not be possible.

Are there any big events coming up you are excited about?

Well, the 'big event' in my life is the upcoming birth of our second child this summer! Professionally, I also have quite a bit on the horizon. My wife and I have been working on completing a book together. It will be a culmination of the last 3+ years of work, along with short stories, studies and sketches. I am hoping to begin to bring my creatures into the 3D world via sculpture and toys. Also, I am working with a team to explore the idea of bringing this world to life with animation. Above all, I plan to continue exploring this world that I have been creating, pushing my own personal limits and hopefully growing as an artist.

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