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Jessica Roux Interview


When we look at Jessica Roux's art, we're taken back to older times. Her detailed artwork of plants and animals is stunning.Jessica Roux Illustration
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Where do you find your inspiration?
I’m inspired by all the beautiful and strange flora and fauna in the world. I love taking walks outside, watching nature documentaries, and hanging out with my pup, Molly. It’s probably no surprise that my main inspiration is nature, looking at my work! I’m also inspired by history and learning new things. I love listening to books and podcasts while I work.

Jessica Roux Illustration
What has been the best moment in your career?
Going into a local bookstore and seeing a magazine cover I illustrated was so surreal, and one of the best moments in my career. I was really honored to be the 2016 cover artist for Taproot Magazine, and they’re one of my favorite clients. While I work a lot in the editorial market (some of my clients include the New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, Anthology Magazine, and more), seeing something right on the shelf without having to flip through the pages to find my work was such a mix of weird and awesome.
Jessica Roux Illustration
What is your ideal day?
Any day that I get to spend time with my family and friends. I work a lot, but my family is the most important thing in my life.
Who is your role model?
This is such a tough question! There are so many inspiring women that I look up to. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about Beatrix Potter, Jane Goodall, Frida Kahlo, and Maria Sibylla Merian.

What is your dream project?
I haven’t worked much in the book market, so I’d love to illustrate either a novel cover, or a whole book about plants, animals, or food. It seems like the next frontier for my work!

What is the best piece of advice you have received?
Keep learning. It’s helpful to realize that every illustration I complete is a learning experience, and I’ll never be done growing as an artist and as a person.
Jessica Roux Illustration
For what in life do you feel most grateful?
The love of my family and my dog. They’re the best.

If you could work with another artist, who would it be and what would you work on?
I really, really want to collaborate with an animator, like Paige Money or Zoë Lotus. We’ve been talking about doing something together for a while, and they both have beautiful animation styles as well as illustration work in their portfolios. They’re also super nice, funny, sincere friends. Paige’s work:   Zoë’s work:

What's the single most important skill you've learned to be successful at creating art?
I just try to do my own thing! Trends come and go, so as long as I’m making content that I believe in, stuff that I would like to see, and beautiful things, then I’m on the right path. It’s also important to note that everyone has their own path to success. What works for some might not work for others, so find your own niche and excel at it.

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Jessica Roux Illustration
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