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Our Team

Our Team

Ashil Parag

Creative Guy

From: Resident of Earth, Atlanta, GA

Fav Mod: One Fish, Two Fish

Fav Movie: The Big Lebowski

Aaron Schwartz

Director of Player Personnel

From: The Cleve

Fav Mod: The McQueen

Fav Movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Major League

Michael Vlamis

America's Next Big Thing

From: Chicago

Fav Mod: Route 66

Fav Movie: Pulp Fiction

Daniel Lin


From: Alameda, CA

Fav Mod: Sweet Mint

Fav Movie: Gattaca

Kevin Benik

Ops Man/Death Trap Builder

From: Orlando, FL

Fav Mod: Eldorado Watch in a Navy Strap

Fav Movie: Reservoir Dogs

David McAllister

Junk Food

From: Belleview, FL

Fav Mod: Oakland A's 2015 Watch in a Slate Grey Strap

Fav Movie: Harry Potter Series

Marisol Burgueno


From: San Jose, CA

Fav Mod: Golden Eye

Fav Movie: Labyrinth 1986

Gary Coover

Sorcerer Strategist

From: San Francisco, CA

Fav Mod: Golden Girls

Fav Movie: Ace Ventura

Doug Bend

America's Next Top Lawyer

From: Omaha, NE

Fav Mod: Shadow Panda

Fav Movie: Big

Matt Barnes

Packaging Guru

From: LaGrange, GA

Fav Mod: Blue Oyster Cult

Fav Movie: Tommy Boy

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