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Tampa Bay Rays

There is a legend that exists in the St. Petersburg area that goes like this: Joe Maddon, whiz manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, was wandering around town one night without his glasses about seven years ago. At the time, those glasses were wire-framed and inconspicuous. But, the man desperately needed glasses, so he walked into an old store. Behind the counter worked a reclusive dude who went by Terrence Mann. This guy, citing an expertise in baseball mysticism, handed Maddon his now traditional thick-framed glasses, a stack of spreadsheets and a note that said: That Evan Longoria kid is going to be amazing. So will the college pitcher named David Price. Maddon took the advice, the spreadsheets and one more gift: A Tampa Bay Rays watch from Modify. At least two of those worked. We'll let you decide.


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