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Got your design ready to go?


Need help from one of our designers?

Individuals / Groups

(1-25 Watches)

The Design Fee is optional. You can have a professional help you with your design. (Complimentary on orders of over 10 watches!)

If you have trouble preparing a design, go ahead and still submit your form WITHOUT an attached design and we'll get in touch!

For any other questions or inquiries, please e-mail


*Expected shipment is 2-3 weeks upon receiving payment.



(25+ Watches)

Proud member of ASI, #71962

Email: custom@modifywatches.com

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Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

A little info to get you started...


The better the file that you can send us, the better it will look on your watch. Please send us a square image of at least 400px by 400px. Even bigger would be great!


Please send your designs / art / photographs to us in any of the following formats:
.jpeg, .png, .eps, .pdf, or .ai
If you can, please set the color mode to CMYK.


We include a bleed zone that will get cut off when we print onto our face plates, so be sure not to put anything important along the edges and corners!
Bleed = 1/8"


Remember, there are hands in the center! Unless it's intended, be careful about centering your image. <-- We call this the propeller nose effect.

Rule of Thirds

On the topic of cropping ... Consider the photography rule of thumb, or "rule of thirds." Place your subjects or points of interest (like faces) at the intersections or on the lines that divide the canvas in thirds to make things more visually dynamic!


Dark, fine and subtle textures may get washed out. Bold and bright will show best.

Working with the Adobe Illustrator Template

If you have Adobe Illustrator and are planning to design your *own* Modify Watch, you can download the templates on the right.

The guides are set up to indicate the live area. Please fill the entire art board with your art so we have enough ‘bleed’ to make sure we capture all edges. You’ll see a ‘Please your artwork here’ layer. Not to state the obvious, but place your art on that layer :)

The template with the hands and cut is there to help you design, please place the finished file into the appropriate .pdf template or in one of the formats listed above.